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 Eatwell Bowl & Spoon Eatwell Yellow Set

Article: Tableware Designed for Alzheimer’s Patients

Author: pedro

It’s interesting to find the emergence of new products, innovations, and life hacks around Dementia and Alzheimer patients. Ones I’ve seen so far have centered around new styles of caregiving communities or around entertainment and music. This is the first one I’ve seen around food and eating, which I find more intriguing because of my Dad’s relationship with food.

The Eatwell product line is a series of plates, cups, and utensils designed to be easier for Dementia and Alzheimer patients to use. The products were also designed in a way where it’s the basic utility geared towards some common issues that these patients and caregivers have around meal times. The products are also less distracting with simpler colors, but it’s very similar to what you would expect to find in a barbie doll playhouse kitchen.

I like the psychology around this product innovation and the improvements they offer over typical eating utensils and bowls. We now exclusively give Dad bowls to eat in so he doesn’t scoop the food off the plate. But I also think minimizing the number of things in front of Dad while he’s eating is a critical component in keeping him concentrated on the current task. He will try to grab everything at once, so we rotate the items he eats and drinks rather than having all plates, bowls, and cups in front of him at one time. (This idea resonates also holds true with other activities like coloring and playing ball).

So I did some research after reading this article and found a single set (bowl, spoon, cup) on the website for $60. Unfortunately, that’s a bit pricy for me to realistically consider since that money should be spent on our caregiver, dental cleanings, and other improvements for his life. So I’ll be looking into lower cost solutions to see if I can achieve this same innovation.